How Google+ Punk’d The Oatmeal


Since The Oatmeal draws comics like 5 Ways To Fight A Crack Whore, the kids down in Mountain View figured they could play a joke on him.

This summer the artist wrote that Google+ comment threads sound like *crickets*, poking fun at the social network’s lack of engagement. He also criticized not being able to « set up a fancy profile URL so I don’t have to link people to thimbleturdorgasm99meatpoopypoop xv9donkeypie  » — a made-up, ridiculously long string of random characters.

Yep, you saw a « turd orgasm 99 meat poopy poop » in there. But hell hath no fury like an engineer scorned.

In retaliation, the Google+ team didn’t cite its user growth stats or give an excuse for why there are no custom profile URLs. Oh, no, that wouldn’t be nearly witty enough for the search giant’s brainiacs.

Instead, they just redirected back to The Oatmeal…

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